Sculptures and Icons: A Photo Book by Alex Goldblum

This book is a multicultural survey of the art of sculpture. The photos contained in this volume come from The United States, Belgium, France, Italy, Israel, Egypt, China, and India. This cross section of carvings, sculptures, and icons shall serve as the basis for an anthropological study of the arts of sculpture and relief.

Statues of lions can be found in many countries: India, Egypt, and China, for example. The lions of Dhrangadhra, India sit atop pedestals outside of Hindu Temples. The lions in Manhattan guard the gates outside of the New York Public Library.

Ancient Greeks, the Romans, and the Founding Fathers of American Independence are all preserved in busts on display in museums, or locked away in history’s attic.

In the Hindu tradition, icons of Hindu deities, such as that of Ganesh, are worshipped and revered. Ancient icons, adorned with ancient symbols, are wrapped in decorative fabric to meet the faithful. 

Public sculptures line the streets and bridges of Paris. Atop The Notre Dame Cathedral, medieval gargoyles preside over the Paris cityscape. 

Philadelphia City Hall rises into the Pennsylvania sky, adorned with hundreds of sculptures, and at the top, the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn.

In Beijing, China, a statue of a dragon from the Ming Dynasty stands guard in the Forbidden City’s courtyard.

In Rome, the Trevi Fountain represents the high baroque period of sculpture, the Rococo.  In Vatican City, people line up to get a look at Michelangelo’s La Pieta. In Milan, the iron doors of the Duomo di Milano Cathedral depict the life and death and rebirth of Jesus Christ.

In Tel Aviv, a golden statue of a Menorah made by Salvador Dali, the symbol of the State of Israel, sits outside the airport.

Take what you will from this cornucopia of sculptures. Draw your own conclusions. In a world of diverse artistic practice, see the similarities in style and substance.

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Published in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Goldblum Media Publishing

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