The Knights of Jaffa: A Series By Alex Goldblum

Discover the Heart of the Holy Land with “The Knights of Jaffa” Series by Alex Goldblum

The Knights of Jaffa: Notes From The Jewish Diaspora (2022)

Step into a powerful narrative of political activism and human resilience with Alex Goldblum’s inaugural masterpiece. This book is a vivid tapestry of journal entries, poetry, and poignant letters to Israeli leaders. Complemented by Goldblum’s evocative photographs from 2010-2011, it paints a raw and intimate portrait of life in Israel and Palestine. Dive deeper into the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where journalism meets critical theory.

Accompanying this literary work is Goldblum’s compelling documentary, “The Thin Green Line.” Experience life on both sides of the Green Line through striking cinema verité and montage editing, capturing the zeitgeist of Israeli politics and the sound of the Mediterranean waves.

The Knights of Jaffa: The Holy Land Journals (2024)

Join Alex Goldblum once again as he unravels the rich tapestry of the Holy Land in his latest release. Through essays, letters, and poetry, explore Israel’s history from the Crusades to modern times. Goldblum’s first hand photography breathes life into the pages, showcasing the beauty and turmoil of a land steeped in legend and conflict.

Witness the profound reflections on pivotal moments like the October 7 Simchat Torah Massacre and the struggles in Gaza and Northern Israel. Each journal entry is a testament to the resilience and spirit of the people amidst turmoil.

Why Read “The Knights of Jaffa” Series?

Insightful Political Activism: Engage with thoughtful critiques and passionate pleas for justice and reconciliation.

Stunning Visuals: Goldblum’s photography offers a visceral connection to the landscapes and people of the Holy Land.

Compelling Storytelling: Through a unique blend of journalism, poetry, and personal letters, immerse yourself in the untold stories that shape Israel and Palestine.

Embark on this journey of discovery and rediscovery. Let Alex Goldblum guide you through the complexities and beauties of a land filled with history and hope.

Order your copies today and explore the profound narratives of “The Knights of Jaffa” series!

The Knights of Jaffa: Notes From The Jewish Diaspora: Goldblum, Alex: 9798370207907: Books

The Knights of Jaffa: The Holy Land Journals: Goldblum, Alex: 9798325589881:

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