Get in Gear: The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera

Fall is here. That means it’s time to get in gear. Whether you’re an amateur looking to develop your photography skills further, or a professional photographer looking to purchase a new camera to add to your equipment inventory, you can’t go wrong with the Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera. It shoots beautiful high resolution photos at 18 Megapixels and records stunning 1080p video.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is more compact and lightweight than the popular Canon EOS 5D Mark III. I use the Canon Rebel all the time for photography and video jobs. It’s a quick, high quality camera with a sturdy body and a built in flash. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 records photos and videos to SD memory cards, so you’ll want to stock up on memory, too. For a tripod to go with your camera kit, I recommend the Manfrotto 701HDV fluid head on the Manfrotto 190 tripod legs.


With the release of the Canon EOS Rebel T7i, the Rebel T6 has become more affordable than ever. For more info, take a look at the Canon EOS Rebel T6 and its’ specifications on Amazon:

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