Pentax K1000: A 35mm Film Workhorse

The first camera I ever used in my early days as a photography student was the Pentax K1000 SLR Camera. The K1000 doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles that another SLR like the Nikon FG or Canon AF-1 SLR film cameras would have, such as auto-focus or a built in flash, but believe me, the Pentax K1000 is a workhorse. It’s a great camera for beginner photographers who are interested in darkroom photography.

“What do I have to gain technically or artistically from 35mm film photography?” you ask yourself. Using 35mm chemical processed film teaches you to use your eye to capture the right settings and composition. Digital photography allows for the luxury of instant playback and a larger shooting ratio. Sure, analog 35mm film photography comes with certain limitations, but there’s no substitute for crafting an artful image on film and watching your photos magically appear in the chemical bath in the darkroom.


If you’re taking a Darkroom Photography course, or you’re a hobbyist, or simply a 35mm film enthusiast, I highly recommend using Kodak UltraMax ISO 400 color film or Kodak Tri-X ISO 400 black and white film.


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