Los Angeles: The City of Angels, A Photo Book

By Alex Goldblum

Tinsel town, Hollywood. The City of Angels. Los Angeles, California. From the Hollywood Hills to Downtown LA. Take a tour of LA with this photo book created by me, Alex Goldblum.

This April I spent 72 hours in Los Angeles. I’m in Los Angeles for the second time and I can’t help but feel like I’m California dreaming. LA is a large, vibrant city with lots to offer in the way of entertainment.

I stayed in the Downtown LA Historic District and I visited The University of Southern California campus for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I walked around in Wilshire, I was in the Mount Washington neighborhood on the hills overlooking East LA. I went to Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Ocean, and I took in the view from the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park.

This photo book is a visual record of my time in The City of Angels.

Welcome to a journey through the diverse and vibrant city of Los Angeles, captured through the lens of photographer Alex Goldblum. From the iconic Hollywood sign to the sun-kissed beaches, and everything in between, this book showcases the beauty and energy of the city.

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